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Kleinkind kreiselt sich in Stapelstein

Moving together!

Motion is key for the holistic and healthy development of a child, which is why it should be part of their day. Never has a child experienced less movement than in todays world. Stapelstein offers a sustainable alternative that can easily be incorporated into every day life and that offers a variety of opportunities to move, even if there is not much room.

Kinder unterschiedlichen Alters balancieren auf dem Stapelstein

An entire life time

We understand that motion slowly disappears from the everyday life of children. Movement and play are, however, the prerequisites for health and education

The Stapelstein is a holistic balance and motion system, a stool that grows with its user and toy - all at once. The age-defying, multipurpose design brings joy and motion into every room - not only the play room.

Kleinkind balanciert auf lila Stapelstein

Areas of focus 

Ranging from simple to more complex coordination exercises; words and numbers, that can be assigned to the colors, solving tasks in a team without touching the floor or inventing games themselves.

  • motor function
  • cognitive function
  • social competences
  • creativity

Imagine finding a big stone...

...You think you can’t pick it up but somehow it’s way lighter than any stone you’ve ever seen so far. Nonetheless, as usual for stones, this stone seems to be very robust. You begin to examine this stone and find that you can use it as a hat. Quite nice, but what happens if you use this stone to stack, balance, fill, hold, transport, roll, glide, symbolize, lay, feel, taking place, swing, discover, bounce, rotate or structure?

Combine our two products

Stapelstein blau mit grauem Hintergrund

The Stapelstein symbolises a shape for active learning and playing. As a stackable object in four different colours it encourages an immediate and intuitive access for any age group. Through the multifunctional ways of usage a whole world of endless possibilities is drawn encouraging a creative approach both to your body and the object itself.

  • certified for 1 year old children 
  • measurements: d 27,5cm, h 12cm
  • material: EPP
  • weight: 180g + max. load: 180kg*
  • 100% made in Germany 
Stapelstein Board in grau

The Stapelstein Board symbolises a shape for active balance exercises and dynamic sitting. The seamless combination with the Stapelstein allows individual sitting heights. 

A heightened boarder on top brings security and additional grip for more sophisticated exercises.

  • certified for 1 year old children 
  • measurements: d 35,5cm, h 8,4 cm
  • material: EPP
  • weight: 268g + max. load: 180kg
  • 100% made in Germany 

Stapelstein is used in children's grip, kindergarten, elementary school and at home

Kinder bauen einen Turm mit Stapelsteinen

Safety at play

Safety during the game is top priority for us. That‘s why our products do not have corners and edges. They are lightweight and made of an innovative material, which is also used in high-quality crash helmets as „shock absorbers “. 

Kinder balancieren im Graten auf den Stapelsteinen

Movement needs space

In a contemporary learning environment, mobile objects with a stimulating character are necessary. Multifunctional helpers who take up little space. Elements that are light and transformable and take up the children‘s natural urge to move. Objects that actively support various methods of teaching and learning and are not limited to a single function. 

Kinder spielen im Sitzkreis mit Stapelstein

Playful and active learning

Playing is always learning, but learning is not always playing. With our products we want children and adults to learn with joy, enthusiasm and above all in motion. The learning success is a full body experience due to the physical forms.